Contemplation about apricot’s leaves

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This morning, I saw my apricot’s leaves fell off though Tet holiday is coming soon. It should have budded and gonna be in full blossom with spirited yellow flowers as it did one year ago.

But it didn’t. Because it was not in the “suitable” place of sunshine and warm weather for the whole year as it is in the South.

It makes me contemplate.

Life is the connected series of contradiction or more exactly, arrows of different directions.

The very first contradiction is the desire of one person vs. the others. They may be different or similar and if similar, we call “Bird of a feather flock together”. Difference between group and group is of nature. However, we have to live in the same place and thus, harmony is not always the thing comes up.

However, the more complicated one is the internal contradiction. We are contradicted with what we WANT and what we HAVE. Is it simply the basic economic principle, which is, resource is limited and we have to find ways to allocate them efficiently? May be yes, may be no.

Yes or No? There are some personal desires that need to be fulfilled before I do other things. The “other things” are not always my “wants”. They are simply the “need to do”. The want vs. the need is the classical contradiction in every human mind.

The other inner contradiction is the “desire” and “capability”. No matter how lofty and beautiful our mind may go, the capability is limited to catch up with the desire. Nevertheless, the “desire” has been the eternal inspiration for capability to develop and for the mind to try.

Some people was born to learn finance and the others were for forest, agriculture or somethings. Like my apricot, it needs a suitable landscape to flourish.


Connected and apart in somewhere. It paints the life on earth.

It’s really hard to say something is totally wrong or right (except for some apparent cases of morality).

Mostly, it’s the suitability, isn’t it?

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